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rock devos

Matthew 6

Rebecca Lightfoot

Matthew 6 begins w Jesus describing those who are BLESSED!& all of these blessings r ETERNAL-they transcend all time,& all worldly means of measure!So,unless I have an eternal perspective,I will fall short of “appreciating” what Jesus is saying...& not know “what to look for” as blessings!Even worse,I will MISS the ETERNAL BLESSINGS that Jesus describes,& I will b misled n my life by searching for/seeking the wrong things.I will also have many “misunderstandings” about God & His Word!N Matthew6:19-24,Jesus tells me how 2 correct my  “focus&perspective”,so I do not miss these blessings,nor have these misunderstandings.Jesus says,”Do not lay up 4 yourselves treasures on earth....,but lay up 4 ur selves treasures n Heaven...For where ur treasure is,there will b ur heart also.”Where our heart is”,can b very difficult 2 b aware of as we live through each day.BUT,WHERE my heart is,has ETERNAL significance!AND,WHERE my heart is(what I am desiring)will determine my perspective&focus 4 what I am looking for...what is defining my life.Verses22-23 say this,”The eye is the lamp of the body.So if ur eye is healthy,ur whole body will b healthy,ur body will b full of light,but if ur eye is bad ur whole body will b full of darkness....”We will eventually see what we desire 2 see,through the perspective/lens we choose 2 have!N The Beatitudes,Jesus is describing/defining the perspective&lens we need 2 have 4 our life,if we r 2 know HIS Blessings,& Know HIS Voice/His Word!N HIS Great Love&Concern for us,HE is telling us how 2 NOT MISS Eternal Blessings,& how 2 not b MISLED by looking 4 the wrong things n life.What I am “looking 4 n life” could even steer me away from truly knowing HIM!So! I must know what 2 look 4...what IT is that is “ETERNALLY WORTH” looking 4!If not,I will become “full of darkness”.N v 24,Jesus says that “No one can serve 2 masters.Either he will hate the one & love the others, he will b devoted to one & despise the other.U cannot serve both God & Money”.Unless I have the RIGHT PERSPECTIVE 4 life & what matters n life,I could very well end up ETERNALLY BANKRUPT,& far away from truly knowing The Lord,& His Ways...His Blessings!Dear Lord,many times my vision has been impaired as U describe n these verses....,I need UR help n changing this.Thank You for the loving ways U encourage me/correct me...& the Grace U offer to help me.Please correct my perspective and change what I look for n all circumstances&situations around me,so I see what U see!