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rock devos

Matthew 5

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Matthew5:13-6,Jesus says that we r 2 b “salt”&”light” 2 those around us.N addition 2 bing a condiment,salt has at least 2 primary properties! It can make us thirsty,& it can been used as a preservative/protector!Jesus’ words here make me ask myself questions!What is my life making the people around me thirsty for?And,what r the words of my mouth and my life “preserving/protecting” 4 those around me?This cannot b;”what do the words I speak make people thirsty for”?,without my life giving authenticity to my words.That is what Jesus refers 2 as salt losing its saltiness!The reverse is true as well;the words out of my mouth being very different from the “religious”things I do!Both cause the salt of my life 2 lose its saltiness.The saltiness Jesus is describing is that which is meant 2 PRESERVE/Protect the evidence of God’s Mercy&Grace&Truth n the lives of those who know HIM/trust HIM.And THIS is what Jesus is saying that our lives&words should b making people around us “thirst for”,& what our lives&words should b “preserving/protecting”4 those around us!The light Jesus refers 2 is from the LAMP(Matt5:15)that is lit n us when we trust Christ as our Savior;the Holy Spirit that HE places n our heart & lights w HIS Love/Mercy/Grace.The “oil/fuel” that keeps the LAMP glowing is God’s Word,&what fans the glowing flame is our obedience 2 God’s Word.When I am not regularly “filling up w OIL”,nor seeking His care/instructions 4 this LAMP,HIS LIGHT n my life fades.Just as a Lighthouse Keeper is responsible 2 keep a lighthouse cared for & effectively lit,so those needing it’s guidance will have it,we r 2 b a “Holy Spirit Keeper” 4 those around us.Dear Jesus,Your words here remind me of the times I have made others thirsty 4 the wrong things,& how my life has not been a means of preserving/protecting the Awesome Mercies&Grace that You have given me.Additionally,many times,& seasons n my life,I have not been a “Holy Spirit Keeper”! Forgive me,& remind me of what You r calling me 2 n these verses!May my life b Salted&Fueled by Your Word & Glowing from Your Holy Spirit.