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rock devos

Matthew 7

Rebecca Lightfoot

When I was n college I attended a small Bible Study on Tuesday nights.The teacher often said,”whenever u read a “therefore”,ask “what’s the “therefore” there for?”N Matthew7:24 there is a “therefore” that is 1 of the most important “therefore’s” n the Bible,because it follows what Jesus says about those that truly know Him & those that do not(Matt7:15-23).Jesus is warning us about false teachers,& our living religiously&piously.The people of the day were seeking out teachers&preachers that sounded good,& challenged them personally 2 “be better human beings”by getting involved w their “programs for improvement”.Many of these claimed 2 “know the truth&the way”.They were inspiring,& motivating.But they were not inspiring&motivating their followers 2 personally “dig in to know God’s Word” personally know God’s Heart.They taught their interpretations of God’s Word,but not the Person of Christ revealed through God’s Word-God’s personal expression of His Love revealed through The Holy Scriptures.They did not inspire their followers 2 personally know;value;& follow the precepts&principles revealed through God’s Word n a way that would lead their followers 2 have hearts/minds/lives that would b more&more like the heart/mind/life of Christ.Today we have the same dangers,and more.N addition 2 an overwhelming number of “Teachers&Preachers”,we have an overload of books/videos/audios/blogs/programs,etc.Most teach good morals;& good life lessons/habits/disciplines about being “religious”.Jesus tells us 2 b careful about all of these n Matt7:21-23 when he says,”Not everyone who says 2 me,’Lord,Lord’,will enter the kingdom of Heaven,but only he who does the will of my Father who is n Heaven.Many will say 2 me on that day,’Lord,Lord,did we not prophesy n your name,& n your name drive out demons & perform many miracles?’Then I will tell them plainly,’I never knew you.Away from me,u evildoers!’”Whatever we may DO,however good/“religious” it may be,is essentially “no good” unless we KNOW Jesus & HE KNOWS us!Jesus calls us 2 a PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP w Him!This is “all that matters!”Without a personal relationship w Jesus,nothing we DO “matters”...Jesus doesn’t leave us “high&dry” at the end of vs23 though!Now comes the “Therefore”!Jesus is telling us that He wants us 2 NOT b fooled by false teachers/preachers...books/blogs/videos/programs,etc.He says,”Therefore” 2 all of these(Matt7:24-27)-“Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine & puts them n2 practice is a wise man who built his house on the rock....”Jesus pleas w us 2 seek 2 “not just know” His Words,but 2 weave them n2 our hearts/minds/lives,so THEY become the foundation/bedrock of our entire life...our thinking...our heartbeat...!He is not telling us to “throw away” all the books/blogs/videos,etc.Nor is he telling us 2 steer away from church.He IS telling us 2 make it “THE PRIORITY” that we personally seek 2 know Him through His Word’s,& that we apply His Words(His Wisdom&Discernment) 2 all we let shape our heart/mind/life.Dear Jesus,my heart/mind/life has so many areas that have been “misshaped”.Grant me a new enthusiasm 2 seek You through Your Holy Scripture,& the needed attributes from You,so my heart/mind/life r “reshaped” by You!