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rock devos

Matthew 11:2-4

Rebecca Lightfoot

Satan is always attempting 2 discredit God n 1 way or another.The devil will work his way n2 our hearts&minds so he can make us have doubts about The Almighty God-Father,Son,&Holy Spirit!He does this by demeaning what The Lord has created;what The Lord has said;what the Lord has done;&what the Lord has shown us.And, he will make us “absentminded” of what The Lord has personally done n our lives!N Matthew11:2-4,John the Baptist has been attacked by the devil with this tactic!JtB sends word 2 Jesus asking Him,”Are you the one who is to come,or shall we look for another?”John the Baptist(JtB)was the one that baptized Jesus,&heard the Voice of God say,”This is my beloved Son,with whom I am well pleased.”(Matt:3:17b).Yet,n Matt11:2-4,JtB is seriously doubting Jesus.Jesus’ response is “awesome”!Jesus shows no signs of being upset w JtB over his doubting,nor does Jesus n any way try 2 make JtB “feel bad” about doubting.Nstead,Jesus reminds JtB of what he has seen Jesus do;what he has heard from Jesus;what he has heard from God.N doing this,Jesus is pointing JtB to Scripture/what The Old Testament has said about JtB will have what he has seen & heard,tested&proven by God’s Word about Jesus!We must “true up” all life w Scripture,ESPECIALLY a living relationship w Almighty God!The Lord does the same thing n our lives that he did w JtB.HE is always revealing HIMSELF 2 us through all creation,& life experiences,& HIS Word.But,if we r not grounded n God’s Word,we will b prey 2 the devil’s schemes that make us doubt GOD;GOD’s Love;GOD’s Wisdom;GOD’s Plan...& most of all WHO JESUS IS!Lord Jesus,I have had doubts about You;what I have heard from You,& even had doubts about what I have seen You DO n my life.Thank You,for the loving way that You come 2 me when I have these.For my own sake,please give me a growing hunger 2 know You more&more through Your Word & through prayer,and by Your Grace help me 2 live my days n all ways that honor WHO YOU are,& what You have done for me.