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rock devos

Matthew 13:3-4;18-19

Rebecca Lightfoot

The Lord God desires for all 2 come 2 KNOW HIM;for everyone 2 come 2 have HIS REDEMPTION from the grave “created” by sin.The grave that actually makes us “dead men/women walking” if we have not been REDEEMED by the Blood of Christ!We don’t “just begin” the benefits of Christ’s sacrifice when we die,but at the moment we turn our lives over 2 Christ-seeking&trusting Him w our lives(N John10:1 Jesus says,”The thief(Satan)comes only 2 steal&kill&destroy,I came that they might have life & have it abundantly.”)A major tactic of Satan’s is to confuse our RIGHT UNDERSTANDING of life,& especially our RIGHT UNDERSTANDING of WHO God is,& WHAT God pleas 4 us 2 accept from Christ!The way Satan primarily does this is by messing w our “understanding” of God,2 the point of making God & His Ways “un-understandable” n worldly/fleshly terms.Our minds will have great difficulty n appreciating God’s Mercy&Grace when we allow our minds 2 think based on “fleshly/worldly” ways of living&thinking!Only when we begin 2 ponder “outside” of this life,& earnestly seek 2 “rightly know” the true purpose of life (setting our minds on things of the Spirit)will we have an honest potential 2 know the “life more abundant” that Christ desires us 2 have(Romans8:5-6.”For those who live according 2 the flesh set their minds on things of the flesh,but those who live according 2 the Spirit set their minds on things of the Spirit).Sorta/kinda like “missing the forest for the trees”!Jesus talks about this n the Parable of the Sower(Matthew13:3-4,18-19;” the seeds fell along the path & the birds came & devoured them.....When anyone hears the Word of The Kingdom& does not understand it,the evil one comes & snatches away what has been sowed n his heart...”).God desperately desires 4 everyone 2 KNOW/UNDERSTAND His Mercy&Grace through Christ,& to have “abundant life”!(1Timothy2:4,”....God our Savior...desires all people 2 b saved & come 2 the KNOWLEDGE OF the truth.4 there is ONE GOD, &there is ONE mediator between God & men,the man Christ Jesus.”)Even though I have trusted Christ as my Savior, I may b missing “abundant life” when I allow my “train of life&thought” 2 b overwhelmed by fleshly/worldly things(the trees),&drift from things of the Spirit(the forest,I.e.,”the bigger picture” of life & it’s Meaning/Purpose).The stuff that happens on a daily basis which causes this drift,may very well b a way the enemy is messing w me...2 veer my life away from the “abundant life” Jesus wants me 2 have,& away from daily knowing God’s Voice n my life!Dear Jesus,my mind&life so easily drift away from things of the Spirit & onto things that r worldly/fleshly! I pray 4 Your Holy Spirit 2 make me aware of this drift when it occurs,& 2 b my source of strength&courage&discipline2 correct the course of my life/mind 2,so I will know Your Spirit’s “course” toward the “abundant life” You desire for me!