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rock devos

Matthew 9:16-17

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Matthew9:16-17 Jesus addresses the 2 major challenges we have n truly knowing HIM as Lord,& sustaining a vibrant relationship w HIM!Jesus 1st says that “no one sews a patch of unshrunk cloth on an old garment,4 the patch will pull away from the garment,making the tear worse.”Jesus is telling the followers of John the Baptist that their “idea” of WHO HE IS,is not accurate...not BIG ENOUGH!That their lives would never benefit from HIS Presence with their current “ideas”/beliefs about HIM!If we ONLY believe that Jesus is a “super human prophet” from God with perfect wisdom,and/or JUST a “super human savior” from God that we need to listen to and follow...we will tragically miss what Jesus alone can do for our lives!Jesus is NOT any of the things above...HE is INFINITELY MORE!HE IS THE SON of the TRIUNE GOD....HE IS GOD!He is nothing less than GOD!When I believe less,my life will fade from the GLOW of GOD’S GLORY...the personal “benefits” of HIS Mercies&Grace,as well as the joys of seeing those around me impacted by GOD’s presence n & thru my life.Almost every aspect of our environment,ncluding church Programs,endeavors 2 put Jesus n a box of some kind!But,Jesus being GOD will not fit n any box of any understanding we r capable of.Every one of us will forever b learning more & more about WHO HE is,& what HE can do...what HE only desires 2 do for me(the BEST for me(Romans8:28)).It is a tragedy of epic proportions 2 miss THIS,because of having an anemic paradigm of Jesus!Jesus follows this statement w,”Neither do men pour new wine n2 old wineskins.If they do,the skins will burst,the wine will run out & the wineskins will b ruined.No,they pour new wine n2 new wineskins,& both r preserved.”N essence,Jesus is saying that if these folks “accept” the fact the Jesus is GOD,& do not have lives that r “made new”by HIS Presence n their lives..,they will ultimately turn from TRUTH...turn away from JESUS!2Corinthians4:17 says,”Therefore,if anyone is in Christ,he is a new creation.The old has passed away;behold,the new has come.”If WHO JESUS IS,is to have an everlasting BENEFIT n our lives,then the old must pass away,& we must b made new by HIS Presence n our lives.If not,eventually my life will “burst”/I will b “disabled” by my own resistance 2 GOD’s ways 2 have my life transformed by WHO HE is;transformed 2 b an Eternal Benefactor of GOD’s Mercy&Grace n all areas of my life!Dear Jesus,I do not have a BIG ENOUGH appreciation for WHO YOU are! Forgive me,& lead me so I am ever growing 2 know YOU more&more!And through YOUR Grace,make me new every I will never “burst” from YOUR Presence n my life.