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rock devos

Matthew 8:28-34

Rebecca Lightfoot

There r areas of my life n which I have always been “afraid” of what The Lord may ask of me.I have been “held back”n areas of my life from knowing Jesus n all areas of my life by “being afraid” of what it might “mean” if I were to truly turn over some areas of my life to Him.Even though I KNOW what the Bible says about what The Lord’s plans 4 me nJeremiah29:11(For I know the plans I have 4 u,declares The Lord,plans 2 prosper u & not 2 harm u,plans 2 give u hope & a future),there r still areas n my life that I am hanging on 2...areas that I am “not willing to give up/afraid of losing something”.Because of this I am missing the greatest BLESSING of all->having the presence of Jesus n ALL areas of my life!I am also missing what His Great Love has for me n areas of my life that I am “hanging on 2”.N Matthew8:28-34 an entire town becomes afraid of what they may “lose” if Jesus sticks around,so they ask Him 2 leave.N essence the same thing I am doing n some areas of my life!These townspeople had heard the demons n 2 men identify Jesus as the Son of God(Matt8:29),& known/seen the AUTHORITY&POWER of Jesus when the demons obeyed Jesus & leaped n2 herd of pigs.These people saw & heard WHO Jesus is! They witnessed the FREEDOM&HEALING that Jesus gave these 2 men;the healing that occurred bcuz of this FREEDOM.But the townspeople were blinded 2 what/WHO was n their PRESENCE,bcuz of what they feared they may lose.These people were raising pigs-not usually something being done by Jews at this time,bcuz pigs were still considered unclean.They were doing something that was keeping them from following The Lord n all areas of their lives.Jesus comes to their town,& performs a miracle n their midst that not only radically blesses 2 men,but also “heals” their community of uncleanliness!You see,God’s plans for my good r not only 4 how His Love desires 2 bless me,but ALSO how He so desires 2 heal me/cleans me from sin!The townspeople decided that the “healing” Jesus is capable of was not what they wanted!They were 2 afraid of what they may lose(the pigs/sin)n the process of healing!They were amazed by what they saw Jesus DO 4 the 2 men! BUT,they were “uncomfortable” w the HEALING from sin!I.e.,what they may need 2 “give up”n order 2 b healed.God never asks us 2 give up something that is 4 our BEST!His heart breaks 4 us when we hang on to the very things that keep us from THE BEST that HE has waiting 4 us.The very things that also keep us from HIS PRESENCE n out lives...things that squelch/choke the Holy Spirit n our lives.Dear Lord Jesus,4 give me 4 hanging on to so many things/areas of my life that r keeping me from having YOUR Love&Grace expressed into all areas of my life,by YOUR Presence n all areas of my life.Help me 2 change this,& 2 welcome YOUR Presence into ALL areas of my life.HEAL me,& FREE me from all things that r keeping me from knowing YOU throughout my entire life.