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rock devos

Luke 21:34-36

Rebecca Lightfoot

Days before Jesus is to be crucified,He gives us warnings and encouragement(s).All 4 Gospels record these.N Luke 21:34-36 Jesus urges us to “Watch yourselves lest your hearts b weighed down w dissipation(Overindulgence in sensual pleasures; dissipated living.The squandering of money, energy, or resources.)&drunkeness & cares of this life....But stay awake(be alert)at all times,praying that u may have the strength 2 escape all these things(deception;misleadings;dilution of right Wisdom&Discernment)that r going 2 take place,that u may b able 2 stand b4 the Son of Man.”1Thesalonians5:6 says it this way,”...let us not b like others,who r asleep,but let us b alert & self controlled.”Jesus says “WATCH”,as a watchman/guard is assigned a post at the edge of a camp 2 b on the lookout for all things that pose a threat.And!Jesus says that we should “WATCH OURSELVES...!”Jesus is concerned for us!For the way that our hearts/lives r drawn 2 things;thoughts;people;beliefs;etc. that r detrimental to us.The most dangerous element of these things is the way that they can create a slow creep(a dissipation)of our hearts/lives away from The Lord & His Ways;His Love 4 us.This is why it is so important to have at the very least,regular “touch base meetings” w The Lord and His Word!When I was n the corporate world,these touch base meetings were for my own good...2 make sure that I stayed “on course” w what my boss was asking of me.By the same token,we need 2 regularly come b4 The Lord to make sure we stay on course!W/out these regular “touch base meetings” w The Lord,the enemies of God will make their best effort to veer us OFF COURSE!This also gives us an enhanced sensitivity to The Holy Spirit,so we can b strengthened&guided&empowered,& led by The Lord.When we do not have these touch base meetings regularly, sensual pleasures&dissipated living&cares for this world,will slowly overtake our hearts;minds;&lives.Dear Jesus,I am regularly bombarded by ideas;desires;pains;discomfort;envies;etc.,that creep n2 my life.Help me 2 b disciplined about seeking You regularly and always,so Your Wisdom&Discernment&Strength may b what WATCH/GUARD my life from all things that would veer me away from YOU!