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rock devos

Luke 22

Rebecca Lightfoot

THE ONLY LIVING GOD;The Creator of EVERYTHING;THE ONE that IS the POWER & SUSTAINER of ALL LIFE;The Lord Jesus Christ,will at times bless us w awesome opportunities that r HUGE!N Luke22:7-13,Jesus tells Peter & John,”Go & prepare the Passover 4 us,that we may eat it.”They ask “where?”Jesus tells them,”Behold,when u have entered the city,a man carrying a water jar will meet you.Follow him n2 the house that he enters & tell the master of the house,’The Teacher says 2 u,Where is the guest room,where I may eat the Passover w my disciples.’& he will show u a large upper room furnished;prepare it there.”This master of the house obviously had a private conversation w Jesus b4 Peter & John show up!Satan had already “entered n2 Judas”,so we know that Judas was looking 4 a good time&place that Jesus would certainly b...,where the betrayal could take place.Jesus also knew the significance of this Passover Feast...”The Last Supper”!The Last Supper would’ve been the perfect place 4 the betrayal!Jesus knew this!So,when Jesus was preparing 4 this Passover Feast,He knew He must b extremely careful about it’s preparation!Jesus,LORD of ALL,turns 2  this “master of the house” n what must’ve been a very private conversation,that Jesus might’ve shared intimate details about this Passover Feast,& the importance of keeping this information just between Jesus & the master of the house.Not even the apostles would know!This man knew one of the most significant bits of information of all History! This man knew when Jesus was coming n2 town 4 The Last Supper!He knew the significance of all the preparation needed b4 hand!He knew the day &time&where 2 send one of his workers w a jar of water...& prepare him 4 Peter & John!It was “women’s work” to get water.So this man had to b sent out w his water jar at just the precise time and place.Becuz a repetitiveness of this wud have drawn unwanted questions & probably suspicions.Jesus and the master of the house,most assuredly have a very special/significant conversation!One that was made possible bcuz Jesus knew the faithfulness & trustworthiness of this man!If I am 2 have these kind of significant conversations w The Lord,then my life/heart/mind must 1st demonstrate the same kind of faithfulness&trustworthiness of this “master of the house”.Another significant element of this man’s life is his absolute HUMILITY!We know this bcuz we don’t know this man’s name!The master of the house had no need of “claiming a part” of one of the most significant events in ALL HISTORY!He knew that Jesus is the SOLE PROVISIONER of ALL THINGS GOOD!Dear Lord,I don’t want to miss any more personal conversations w You bcuz of my waning faithfulness &/or trustworthiness.Please help me through the power of Your Spirit & Your Word 2 grow n faithfulness & I may have endless personal times w You.