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rock devos

Luke 21:1-19

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Luke21:19,Jesus says,”By your endurance u will gain ur lives.”We all know that our faith n Christ will be challenged by all sorts of deception & extreme circumstances&events in our life,as Jesus describes n Luke21:5-18.& that we must b prepared to stand firm when these things occur.But,it could b that what Jesus sees & comments about n Luke21:1-4 is the foundation of the “endurance” Jesus calls us to n verse 19.Jesus sees people placing their offerings n a box,including a widow that gives everything she has.Jesus says,”This poor widow has put n more than all
of them.For they had contributed our  of their abundance,but she...put n all she had...”This widow was the only person in church that had a faith/life that is ALL IN.Everyone else that Jesus saw was less than ALL IN!Jesus then goes on to give warnings about deceptions;&all sorts of significant challenges for the people’s hearts/lives/minds/faith.By  starting this discussion after Jesus remarks about the widow’s heart/life/mind being ALL IN,He is warning those who r not ALL IN,that they(we) need to check their(our) Faith to make sure it is what Jesus sees n this widow’s heart/life/mind.The widow was not concerned about her comfort;her savings;her retirement;her status,etc.,to the point that these things robbed her of her ALL IN relationship with The Lord & her ultimate TRUST n The Lord for her life!By doing what she did,this widow is saying that she trusted that The Lord knew best for her life,& she was trusting Him over everything...over what people thought of where she lived,over what people thought of what she wore,over what people thought of how her life expressed absolute TRUST in The Lord.The other people were giving much more,& they evidently had more status filled lives than the widow.By Jesus commenting on these others,He knew there was some kind of religious/churchy elitism being placed on them.Jesus is saying that  our being religious/churchy is not going to b the source of the ENDURANCE He is calling us to!Jesus says that unless we have the same ALL IN foundational relationship with The Lord that the widow has,we will not have the trust;the faith;the RELATIONSHIP/the ENDURANCE that will sustain us through the more challenging things n life.Dear Lord,I confess that I do not have the level of ALL IN that this widow has.Forgive me!And teach me/train me/encourage me/help have the ALL IN heart/mind/life of this widow!