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rock devos

Luke 19:37-40

Rebecca Lightfoot

When Jesus comes n2 Jerusalem (The Triumphal Entry),the people “began to rejoice & praise God w a loud voice 4 all the mighty works that they had seen,saying,’Blessed is the King who comes n the name of the Lord....’...He answered,’I tell u,if these were silent,the very stones would cry out.”(Luke19:37-40)Like these people,when we have an encounter w The Lord,where He somehow personally impacts our life,we cannot help but praise Him...,even rocks cry out!We r also like these people,when a few days after this “praising”,many of these same people would be throwing things at Him and spitting at Him,etc.Jesus says that “even the stones would cry out”,n essence revealing Who He IS,& that because He IS GOD,every molecule of Creation will praise Him when He passes by!When our lives r somehow impacted by Jesus’ Presence,at least for a period of time,we cannot help but praise Him.The telltale of our faithfulness though is what happens n our hearts/lives/minds once we r back among the crowds of our everyday life.Most of these people turned from their momentary faithfulness when their lives slipped back n2 their everyday lives.The same thing tends to happen n our everyday life!We have our quiet times,prayers,Bible Studies,Church Services,worship services,conferences,spiritual getaways,etc....& we have “spiritual highs”!But then,when we drift back n2 our daily lives...we turn our backs on The Lord just as these people did.Sure,we may not be calling for Barabbas as these people would n a few days,but our hearts r turned away from Jesus just the same....and could end up drifting further & further away,as many of these people did.Dear Holy Spirit,please keep me from the turning You describe n these verses!Help me 2 remember Your Presence/Your Mercy/Your Grace/Your Glory...always! Especially when I start&live my everyday life among the crowds.