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rock devos

Luke 3:23-38

Rebecca Lightfoot

Luke3:23-38 gives the lineage of Christ through his mother all the way back to Adam!(Everyone reading Luke’s letter at that time knew that when he wrote,”Joseph,son of Heli”, Luke was referring to Joseph being the son in law of Heli,who was Mary’s father).Matthew1:1-17 gives the lineage of Christ through his stepfather Joseph all the way back to Abraham - Matthew assumed everyone would already know the lineage of Abraham back to Adam!Both of these accounts testify to what the people at the time of Jesus KNEW as True History!Both indicate the TRUE knowledge that the people of the time had of history and the value placed on family lineages.Even the false prophet Mohammed felt the need to include Abraham in his false teachings,because of the historic significance of Abraham! But,Mohammed twists the truth about Abraham,which any person that sought Truth at that time would know!But many just chose to believe what they wanted to believe(something that FIT their FEELINGS & maybe also their PREJUDICES...or they were just “lazy thinkers”),instead of digging in to know The TRUTH!Those that seek to know TRUTH,will be “the diggers” that r described n Psalm2:1-4(“...if you accept my words & store up my commands w/in you,turning your ear to wisdom & applying your heart to understanding,& if you call out for insight & cry aloud for understanding,&if you look for it as for silver & search for it as for hidden treasure,then you will understand the fear(reverence/awesome respect)of the Lord).Unless our heart is soften by God’s cry for us to truly know His EXPRESSIONS of Love/Mercy/Grace for us,&we then respond n earnest to God’s cry to seek to truly know HIM-we run the risk of falling far short of knowing how AWESOME THE GLORY of GOD is,and never come near to having the reverence & respect that GOD’s Love/Mercy/Grace should have in our life.We will fall far short of being AWED by GOD;HIS POWER;HIS CREATIVITY;HIS DIVINITY;HIS WORD;and we will never know the depth&breadth of GOD’s LOVE expressed by&through JESUS!Moses has these things n his life for certain,when he fell to the ground in the presence of GOD.Today,we have had century’s of Satan seeking to dilute & contaminate what GOD has given us as an accurate account of HISTORY/TRUTH.We will either succumb to some of Satan’s tactics,or we will become like the one in Psalm2:1 that “accepts my words”(accepts what GOD says as TRUE),& then “search for it as hidden treasure”! When we do the latter,HE promises that we “will understand the fear(reverence/awesome respect) of the Lord & find the knowledge of God”.Dear Lord,my understandings of YOU and what CHRIST provides for me have been diluted & tainted by my accepting ideas/thoughts about YOU that veer away from TRUTH.Please inspire me to be a “digger” as described in I will have the reverence for YOU & the knowledge of YOU that YOU promise for “diggers”.