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rock devos

Luke 4:14-30

Rebecca Lightfoot

Doubt can become an intersection in our lives that turns us away from the Love & Concern that God has for us! OR,it can become the intersection at which we choose to TRUST&FOLLOW God in spite of doubt,& we find the miraculous ways that God reveals HIS Love and Care for us! N Luke4:14-30,Jesus reveals WHO HE is to the people n Nazareth.The people mumble their doubts amongst themselves.Jesus responds by telling the people of two others that had doubts,but responded anyway to what the Lord was calling them to do!Even though these two from 1Kings&2Kings initially had serious doubts,they decided to at least “try” what the Lord was suggesting through Elijah.They did not allow their doubts to over rule what they thought “may be from the Lord”,and they had miraculous experiences w The Lord!N our lives,Satan will throw all sorts of doubts at us and into our minds/hearts about the Lord& His Ways&His Word!Especially when the Lord has something significant that He is compelling us to do w/in our spirit&heart&mind.The crowd of religious folks Jesus is responding to n these verses of Luke decide that at the intersection of doubt they are not going to allow themselves to “try” learning more about Jesus,& instead seek to stone Jesus!They do end up seeing a miracle...the miracle of Jesus walking right through their crowd and leaving them to their “doubtful ways”!Sometimes...God will bring us to “intersections of doubt” for the very reason of revealing more of Himself/His Love/His Grace/His Ways to us.At these intersections,we will either have opportunities to see God reveal Himself to us n miraculous ways,or we will let doubts win over our minds/hearts/spirits.If we choose the latter,we will be left empty of what we need the most!We need Jesus to b with us!But as the religious folks n these verses chose to let doubt win,and Jesus walked through them & away....when we choose to let doubts win we will suffer the same emptiness!AND we will miss the miraculous ways that Jesus desires to reveal Himself/His Love/His Ways to us!We have the choice of responding one way or the other!Will we trust the ways of doubts...,or will we seek to tests doubts w faith n Jesus being able to  help us through doubts with His Wisdom&Discernment leading us to what He desires to show/teach us.Dear Lord,this convicts me of how much of my life I have allowed doubts to somehow win over my heart,mind,or spirit in 1 way or another.Forgive me! And from this point on,remind me of the significance that all the intersections of doubts may have n my life...and the message You have n these verses of Luke about intersections of doubt.Then by Your Power lead me through these intersections on the path of Trusting You!