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rock devos

Luke 3:7-14

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Luke 3:7-14 crowds come out to John the Baptist seeking to b saved from “the coming wrath”,seeking some religious answer....the right church to join...the right religion to become a part of...the right Sunday school...the right Bible Study..,etc.JTB tells the people that none of these THINGS r the answer they r looking for.The “answer” is a life that comes into awareness of The Truth of “the way of the Lord”(Luke3:4b)&what all mankind will see as “God’s salvation”(Luke3:6),& then values the significance of The Truth with a life that is changed(makes an about face from previous life paradigms to a new set of life paradigms)by The Truth!A life that “produces fruit n keeping” w the changes inspired/motivated by The Truth-“repentance”!We do get caught up n what Wes King,n one of his songs,called “holy huddles” and their religious stuff...,& forget about how the Gospel of Jesus and His Words should b influencing the way we walk through our daily lives,  & how we think&what we think,etc.This is what JTB is addressing n our lives!The need to b aware of how I am living;thinking;prioritizing;& what I am saying & how I am treating people around me!JTB is telling me that if I am spending daily time reading God’s Word & praying and seeking Him,yet do not have a life that is changes by these things...,that I am one of the “brood of vipers”(Luke3:7b).Dear Lord Jesus,forgive me for being one of the brood of vipers so much of my day!Please make me aware of these times & bring me to repentance quickly.May Your strength and Your Spirit help me to make these changes more and more readily throughout every day,so I may know what You provide as freedom from crooked paths and then living n the straight paths of following You(Luke4:b).