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rock devos

Romans 2:25-29

Rebecca Lightfoot

Romans 2:25–29 reminds me of a quote from “Batman Begins”,which says,”It’s not what you are underneath,it’s what you do that defines you.”The first part of this movie quote is wrong and twisted,the second part is right..,but it looses its connection with what should be the first part.If the above verses from Romans were to be applied to our lives as Paul describes,our more correct  “movie quote” would be->”What lives inside you is defined by what you do.”These verses are saying that how we live;think;respond;love;work;play...defines whether or not we are truly lovers of God,& how deep&wide we love much our lives are impacted by the life/suffering/death/resurrection/ascension of Christ;His Word;& His Spirit.This is also what Jesus is talking about when he tells the parable of the vine...and the fruit we bare(how we live;think;respond;love;work;play...etc.) revealing what we truly are.Dear Lord Jesus,this opens a window n my life for me to see many of the areas n my life that are not changed by You yet,and others that I may have “taken back”.I pray for Your help as this day lives through me...that the ways I live;think;respond;love;work;play,etc., be evermore reflections of Your Life;Your Word;& Your Spirit...changing me and living in me.