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rock devos

Romans 1:28-31

Rebecca Lightfoot

Romans1:28-31 says that any time we “exchange TRUTH of God for a lie”(ESV)/“not think it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God”(NIV)relative to absolutely anything,we run the danger of having our lives so infected by sinful thoughts/emotions/pride/etc.,that we may wade into a long list of evil,greed & depravity that includes: robbing others of life n any way;strife(exertion or contention for superiority resulting n bitter sometimes violent conflict or dissension);deceit(the action or practice of deceiving someone by concealing or misrepresenting the truth);gossip;slandering;turning from acknowledging the Heart of God;doing&saying wrong things that we justify 2 ourselves;insolence(showing a rude and arrogant lack of respect);boastfulness;not respecting parents;not seeking true Wisdom&Discernment;living lives(or parts of our lives) that demonstrate faith n anything but God;not seeking nor sensing God’s Heart about life;being more concerned about ourselves than others.The presence of any element of this list being n my life indicates an area n my life that I have exchanged a TRUTH of God for a lie/not deemed it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God about something that is important to God.Paul goes beyond this to say that if I even approve of these things around me,I am exchanging The TRUTH of God for a lie/not deeming it worthwhile to retain the knowledge of God, I am allowing my heart to not stir as God’s Heart would react to any of these things around me,and somewhere n my life I am allowing a dangerous EXCHANGE to take place.The boildown is to know and seek The Heart of God about all aspects of LIFE and have the way we interact with those around us,& speak;act;think;be as God’s Heart would be HE reveals throughout His Word.This doesn’t mean that we become “Bible Thumpers”,but that we seek to know and live how Jesus demonstrates throughout His life.And never forget the enormous Patience;Mercy;Grace that God has shown to me personally.May the Life&Sacrifice of Christ...& the Patience/Mercy/Grace to God has shown me personally and revealed through His Word,be what changes my heart & life today...and every day.