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rock devos

1 Corinthians 12

Rebecca Lightfoot

There is absolutely no room for any kind of arrogance or elitism of any kind within the body of Christ - those of us claiming to be seekers & followers of Jesus Christ! Whatever our individual gifts;purposes;positions,etc., are n our everyday life,The Lord says that they are ALL significant,and that we need to be careful about deeming some with more honor than others,and especially careful of allowing the enemy to make us think that some personal gifts/callings/purposes,no matter how menial our “worldly measure” may deceive us to believe,are of less value than any other “members of the body”.This worldly deception within the body of Christ is a direct attack on what 1Corinthians12 addresses.The Corinthian body of believers had drifted so far away from the Heart of God that they were honoring people the way the world around did-placing a scale of value on an individual based on their “position” n the church or community.1Cor12 says that when this happens the whole body suffers(1Cor12:25-26).This might be a reason that the population of the U.S.A is in reality becoming less and less a country that truly honors God’s Word and God’s Heart!Because The Body of Christ is suffering from the way we honor some above others-leaders above servants;teachers above students;successful above less than successful;accredited above the unaccredited;one neighborhood above another;one job above another;etc. In fact,chapter 12 of 1Cor says that the “worldly less valued” may be the very source of encouragement&survival that is desperately needed many times.Yet,we still have a strong tendency to “undervalue” some people,& “overvalue” others by the way we choose to honor people based on a world measure of value.When we do this,we horribly miss so many of miraculous ways that God desires to make The Whole Body healthy and vibrant!This includes the perspective on the Right kind of Health&Vibrancy within the Body of Christ as a community of believers,as well as the Right kind of Health&Vibrancy in our own hearts/minds/lives!So when we turn away eternal value in some people because of a worldly measure of value,we deny ourselves what 1Cor12 describes as an overall Health&Vibrancy for our lives,and we may even make it impossible for us to “walk”’where God would have our lives “walk”(giving a foot less honor than another body part),or discern what we need to know for our protection & guidance(giving the nose less honor than another body part).Our body must have all the parts healthy and “plugged in” as imperative elements of our whole being,or we are much less than we are meant to be/made to be.And when this fails to happen in the larger body of Christ,the larger body of Christ becomes much less than what God means for His Church to be.We loose HIS intended HEALTH and HIS intended VIBRANCY!Dear Jesus,I ask for Your Spirit to make me aware of this lesson in my life,and I ask You to bring about the correction of the way I “measure/value” those around I may have the Health and Vibrancy in my life that You desire to give me through all of those around me that are a part of the body of Christ.