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rock devos

1 Corinthians 10

Rebecca Lightfoot

1Cor10:23-24 gives a simple standard by which we should live our lives,if we are to have the wisdom Christ intends us to have relative to our freedom in Christ.In fact it reminds me of something that happened n my life,that was a life lesson in a different way.I had been a runner for most of my life,and about a year before my 50th birthday decided to run a marathon.Even though I had a good base of running for a number of years,in order to prepare to run a marathon and get the most/best from it,I learned that I would need to commit to a list of disciplines that not only included a more serious running schedule,but also a diet that removed things that were not good for my body while adding things that were more beneficial for me.I also needed to be more deliberate about what I did with my time,being more careful about not wasting as much of it as I had before,and making sure that I also got the rest I needed.I trained for about 9-10 months,gradually increasing the miles I was able to run without injury,and enhancing my body’s ability to recover quickly.The day of the marathon came,and I was able to enjoy the sites,sounds,camaraderie,and especially crossing the finish line with my middle daughter.After the marathon I decided that I “deserved” a rest,and didn’t run for about a month,& I started eating “stuff” that was not part of my training diet....,and wasting a lot of my time.Now mind you,over the past 9-10 months I had run in all kinds of weather,even sleet and snow...,and never got sick!Almost the moment I decided “I deserved” a break,I got sick I had trouble going up a set of stairs.I learned that the “freedom” I had gained from deciding to commit to a marathon,which included the disciplines necessary to run one,was realized through the disciplines that “built me up”/“edified” me for the marathon!And when I turned away from those disciplines,my “building up”/“edifying” was compromised.During that time I read articles where other runners said the same thing!I didn’t need to keep up the same rigor of running miles after miles,but I should not have stopped cold turkey,nor should I have started eating some of the things I had turned away from during the previous months of training,and not eating the things that were best for me...and I should of kept the disciplines about how I managed my time,& rested.I needed to keep the things in my life that I had learned would build me up/edify me,instead of falling away from them.N these verses of 1Cor10:23-24 Paul is telling us about this very thing,with the added dynamic of not only being aware of what builds us up/edifies us personally...but does the same for those around us!In essence Paul says that when we are taking care of the business/disciplines that ETERNALLY build us up/edify us personally,our lives will build up/edify those around us for ETERNITY’s sake-1Cor10:23-24,”All things are lawful,but not all things build up/edify.Let no one seek his own good,but that of his neighbor.”In fact,Paul gives us the wisdom of asking ourselves “what in my life actually builds up/edifies those around me?”Maybe he does this so we will be less self centered/less selfish in our thinking,because self centeredness & selfishness is such an easy detour our lives can take,leading us down a path of selfish/self centered “self destruction” when we concentrate more on ourselves than those around us.These verses encourage us to seek the wisdom of what is best for me to feed on;train on;keep away from;manage time with;rest with;etc.All from a perspective that has others best interests above my own.Dear Lord,this one is difficult to “listen to”...because of how many times You have reminded me of these lessons and how many times I turn from the wisdom of them.May Your Spirit help me to not only be reminded of these lessons,but help me to also apply them into my whole life...and turn my heart more to the people around me than on myself.