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rock devos

Acts 7

Rebecca Lightfoot

One of the men having a heart&life that resonated being “of good repute,full of the Spirit and of wisdom” that the apostles were looking for(Acts6:3)is Stephen.To look at how Stephen lives out his “good repute,full of the Spirit and of wisdom” n the following verses of Acts6 & the entire chapter7 of not only a study of what this kind of life looks like,but one of the heart of such a man or woman.N Acts6:8 Stephen,being full of Grace & Power,was doing great signs&wonders;Stephen’s life was revealing the kind of FRUIT that only comes from a life that is “taking full advantage/fully dependent” on the Life of The Vine that Christ talks about(John15:5).Stephen was assimilating n2 his heart/life,what Christ(The Vine) only can provide through His Word & Spirit!So much so that there was a radiance from the face of Stephen,”like the face of an angel”, as he was being wrongly accused(Acts6:15).Some of the characteristics of “the face of an angel” r absolute confidence&faith n Who Jesus Christ is;another is an absolute Reverence for God The Father/God The Son/and God The Spirit;another is absolute dependence on The Lord;yet another is a life that is seeking to know God via His Word!As Stephen speaks to the Sanhedrin,all of these characteristics “ooze” from what Stephen he says it;and what he does!N the 1st 50 verses of Acts7,it is obvious that Stephen had dug into what he had of the Bible during his time->the OldTestament!Stephen had invested his time in the OT so much so that he was able to concisely give the Sanhedrin a review of what God has done throughout history to reveal Himself and His Love to His people-all the way up to Jesus Christ’s Life,Sufferings,Death,Resurrection,& Ascension!Stephen had God’s Word “on the tip of his tongue”!Stephen also had a boldness that was based n his confidence n The Lord and His Word->as seen n how Stephen makes a stern call into the lives of his accusers n Acts7:51-53.And then The Holy Spirit filled Stephen w the Mercy&Grace enabling him to see the Glory of God,& all the way to Heaven he saw Jesus at the right hand of God.Then,as he was being stoned to death,Stephen prayed for God’s Mercy&Grace to wash away the sins of the people stoning him to death->Stephen’s seeking of The Lord has changed his life so much that he had become like The Branch,& n his last breaths he asked for the same thing that Jesus asked for as He died(Luke23:34)...Stephen says ,”Lord,do not hold this sin against them”.Dear Jesus,my life is so far away from what Stephen’s life was full of...far from the vibrancy of a life that has obviously hungered after You and sought become more and more like You.Make me more aware of these differences,& may Your Mercy&Grace lead me,guide me,& change me to be more like You...just as I know Stephen must’ve asked You for the same.