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rock devos

Acts 6

Rebecca Lightfoot

N the first part of Acts6 a problem had developed n the midst of the disciples of Christ that could’ve derailed the impact of the 1st century body of believers.For some reason,a discrimination of sorts was developing n their midst.A group of new believers (Hellenists-Greek speaking Jews that were considered outsiders to native born Jews) that were culturally different because of where they were born,were being “overlooked” by some of the “church folks”.A clique had begun to develop in the midst of this 1st church that was hurting the lives of many outside the clique.The people w authority to distribute resources among the 1st church were in essence ignoring those outside their “clique”.Cliques always make those outside the clique feel unloved;unwanted;ignored;unimportant;devalued;insignificant;etc.And those inside a clique will in some way always develop a sense of being more loved;more wanted;more worthy;more important;worth more;higher value;more significant,etc.It is the very nature of cliques to have a negative impact on the hearts of those in a clique,& to do harm to those on the outside of a clique.The Apostles recognized the “hugeness” of these problems,and that “cliques” of all kinds must be addressed with great Wisdom& Discernment.We know this because of the significant qualifications the Apostles require for the men that will be chosen to address the “clique problem”!The Apostles say,”Therefore,brothers,pick out from among you seven men of good repute,full of the Spirit and of wisdom,whom we will appoint for this duty.”(Acts6:3).The men to be chosen would be the best of the best!And! They would be humble servants,serving tables(Acts6:2).The kind of leadership the Apostles were calling for was Wise,Upstanding Character,full of The Spirit,& humble servant hearts!Because of the lives & humble servant leadership of these men, the “clique problem” was addressed successfully,”And the word of God continued to increase,& the number of the disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem,& a great many of the priests became obedient to the faith.”(Acts6:7).Dear Lord,in my heart I have created different cliques....I need Your help in destroying,& ridding them from my life.Forgive me for letting these become a part of my life.And now help me to never let any clique begin to develop again n my life.