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rock devos

Matthew 8

Rebecca Lightfoot

There r two times n the New Testament that record Jesus being “amazed/astonished” or “marveling” at something.One is when Jesus marvels at people’s unbelief(Mark6:4-6),& the other when Jesus was astonished at the Centurion’s faith n Matthew8:10.That recorded n Mark saddens Jesus because of people’s lack of faith,their unbelief.The Centurion’s faith(what he believed) amazes Jesus-The Centurion was so humbled by what he BELIEVED about Jesus, that his life reflected what he BELIEVED about Jesus.This amazed/astonished Jesus!When anything ASTONISHES The One that is The Power of Creation,The God of All...we MUST take note,& dig n so we can understand & learn as much as we can about what ASTOUNDS The One Who is the AUTHOR & CREATOR of Everything..of ALL LIFE!What is it about this Centurion that astonishes Jesus!?What is mere man/woman “capable of” that could possibly astonish The One that Created every Universe,All Space,All Time,All Life!?It was the Centurion’s “great faith”!It was not necessarily the Centurion’s faith that his friend would b healed.It was the Centurion’s faith n WHO&WHAT JESUS IS!The Centurion’s life was impacted 2 his core by his belief n WHO&WHAT Jesus IS!So much so that the Centurion’s heart had been impacted by this BELIEF!The Centurion was a high ranking Roman Officer.It was not likely that a Roman Centurion would have a HEART for a slave/servant.BUT,he did!He had a different HEART than most other Centurions.Greater than this,the Centurion had believed what he heard about Jesus,so much so that his life&heart had been changed.Luke says that the Centurion considered himself unworthy 4 Jesus 2 come 2 him!A Roman Officer of the time would consider any Jew a “little less than human”.Yet,this Centurion thought himself UNWORTHY of the presence of Jesus,a well known Jew!So-we know the Centurion’s heart has been changed by what he BELIEVED about Jesus!Even greater,the Centurion knew what authority looked like,because he himself had great authority,& he knew the POWER of authority.When he makes his statement about his own authority,he also confesses his FAITH that Jesus is THE AUTHORITY above all other authority(s)-that Jesus is THE SOVEREIGN(supreme ruler;possessing supreme or ultimate power)!THIS BELIEF &FATIH is “what” made the Centurion different from all others that Jesus came in contact with...Jesus was ASTONISHED by this man’s FAITH!His life reflecting what he BELIEVED about JESUS!This is AUTHENTIC FAITH! Having our lives&hearts so changed by what we believe about Jesus! If our lives r not so changed,then what we believe about Jesus is maybe “not so big”...definitely not as BIG as what the Centurion BELIEVED!Dear Jesus,what I believe is definitely not as big as what this Centurion believed!Forgive me... Through Your Word & with the help of Your Spirit,please bring me to the same “level” of belief as this Centurion,& may my life&heart be changed by this belief...may my faith become “astonishing”!