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rock devos

Luke 13:18-19

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Luke13:18-19,Jesus tells his followers what lives that r truly His followers will b like when He says,”What is the kingdom of God like?And to what shall I compare it?It is like a grain of mustard seed that a man took &sowed in his garden,& it grew up & became a tree,& the birds of the air made nests n it’s branches.”Our lives r gardens that become what we receive & sow into our lives.We will also need to remove weeds that threaten to overrun what “good” we have growing,& water/feed the “good” so it does not whither away...,and/or choked out by weeds!N this parable,Jesus is telling us what our life should look like if we have the Kingdom of God “sowed into” our life.Everyone’s life is a garden!& all gardens will have stuff growing n them,but those that have sowed the Kingdom of God into their lives & removed the weeds so the tiniest of all seeds(the mustard seed)can not only take root but grow&mature as it is watered & fed the right food;these lives will have the largest/strongest of all plants,grow n their lives!(Matthew13:32.32,”Though it is the smallest of all seeds, yet when it grows, it is the largest of garden plants and becomes a tree).&this tree becomes the “gathering place” for birds looking for a secure place to perch/nest(seek “secure/sure/true answers to life’s most challenging questions).So,what Jesus is saying here begs us to ask the question,”is my life becoming a place where those around me r coming w some of life’s most challenging questions/fears/concerns,etc.?& if yes,do I know the security of God’s Word&Spirit,& His Grace&Mercy in my life...,so that I am a true mustard tree,or am I a “lesser plant” that has become a “perch” of false security&untrustworthy answers to challenging questions?We will b one or the other!We must know which one we r!That is why Jesus gives us this parable,& why it is n all 4 Gospels!Dear Lord Jesus,I praise You and Thank You for the gentle Ways that You give me HUGELY IMPORTANT lessons about life!Especially life lived n the midst of Your Grace&Mercy,& Your Wisdom&Discernment!Please help me 2 b aware of what is growing n the garden of my life..where I need 2 weed;where & how I need 2 water;where & how I need 2 feed.& guide me 2 Your Seed,& let that b the only seed sown into my life.May my life become a place where Your Seed has grown into Your Strength&Protection n my life,& becomes a place where others may come to find the same.