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rock devos

1 Corinthians 1

Rebecca Lightfoot

In the 1Corinthians1,the church in Corinth has become divided because of a “distraction” in their faith.A “distraction” that the devil uses to distance us from knowing God’s True Voice in our lives!Even though true believers have Jesus’ Spirit living inside,we can become distracted/misled and “out of tune” with Jesus’ Spirit when we do not have God’s Word as “THE TUNING FORK” for our hearts/minds/lives.Just as an orchestra must have all instruments tuned to a single source before beginning a symphony,to prevent the unpleasing sound produced by a lot of out of tune instruments playing the same musical piece terribly out of tune,so our minds/hearts/lives must be tuned to a single source...or the body of believers does not have the beautiful resonance&purpose the Master Composer envisioned when HE created the Symphony!And even if all instruments are tuned to a single source,once the Symphony begins all instruments must follow the beat of THE Conductor! Can you imagine the audible mess if all the instruments played on different beats,following different “little conductors”?In essence the Church n Corinth had become out of tune and they were following different “little conductors”!The people in Corinth were tuning their hearts/minds/lives to what different church leaders were teaching,instead of first tuning their hearts/minds/lives to Christ (1Cor1:10-17).The people had become followers of men(“little conductors”rather than followers of Christ(THE Conductor)!And their effectiveness/impact for The Gospel of Christ suffered because of it.The same thing has happened in America today!We are inundated with messages from well meaning pastors,speakers,authors,etc.,to the point that we spend more time listening to,reading&watching their “stuff” than we do seeking the teaching of God’s Word and the Voice of Jesus’ Spirit in our lives!Our lives become tuned to all things other than God’s Word.And we in reality follow a myriad of “little conductors” instead of seeking to follow “THE Conductor” of LIFE!No wonder the Church in America is losing ground for The Gospel of Christ over the last several decades,in spite of the growing influence of mega churches and their pastors,& the exploding number of Christian books being read and taught by so many!It has been said that our Bibles impact our hearts/minds/lives less and less,while these other things have a growing impact on our hearts/minds/lives!The very thing that Paul is addressing in the 1st chapter of 1Corinthians!And why Paul is urging the church n Corinth to remember their “calling” to follow Christ and nothing nor anyone else!(1Cor1:28-31,”For consider your calling....and because of him(God’s Gift of Mercy&Grace) you are in Christ Jesus who became to us wisdom from God(THE Conductor),righteousness and sanctification and redemption,so that as it is written,’Let the one who boasts,boast in the Lord’.”Dear God in Heaven,I have allowed my life to be tuned to so many sources other that Your Word/Your Truth,and I have followed many “little conductors”/many beats other that the Beat coming from Your Heart!Forgive me...and May Your Spirit help me and guide me to be tuned to the only Your Word,& follow only the Beat of Your Heart.