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rock devos

Acts 10

Rebecca Lightfoot

There is a connection between perseverance WITH persistence, and a real/sincere faith->the kind of faith that truly reveres The Lord...truly recognizes The Lord & WHO&WHAT HE IS!Whether or not a person perseveres WITH persistence also reveals whether or not that person truly has a heart that sincerely desires to know God for WHO HE IS as LORD,or if we r just seeking HIM to give us what we want.The person desiring to know GOD because of WHO HE IS will have his/her faith grown&strengthened by The Lord...and life will have eternal purpose & meaning that satisfies our heart&soul.The other person will more than likely become frustrated&disappointed by what THEIR WAY leaves them with,& ultimately have a faith based on things that fade away & do not last forever->the “fruit” of the lack of perseverance WITH persistence are things that do not last for long and always leave us unsatisfied&wanting more or something else.The centurion Cornelius in Acts10 is a person that epitomizes one that has the persistence WITH perseverance that leads to him,his family,& a BUNCH of others “finding” the only things that truly satisfy & reward the greatest desires of the human heart/spirit/soul.Cornelius was a devout man that revered God with his whole life;had a heart for the needs of the people around him,& continually sought to know The One True God(Acts10:2).The perseverance WITH persistence n this man’s life enabled him to know The Lord’s voice beyond the shadow of a doubt!When Cornelius hears The Lord call his name,Cornelius answers,”What is it Lord”!Cornelius’ seeking the Lord n perseverance WITH persistence enabled him to KNOW the Lord’s voice!Cornelius’ perseverance WITH persistence seeking The Lord had developed a Discernment that recognized The One True God!So,when God calls his name...Cornelius says,”What is it Lord?!”We also see what Cornelius has been seeking from God “in” perseverance WITH persistence.God says that Cornelius prayer has been answered,& then gives him instructions that will not only answer Cornelius’ prayer...but the same heart cry of many other people through his prayers&his perseverance WITH persistence!N Acts10:34-43 the ANSWER to Cornelius’ prayer reveals what his heart/spirit/soul had been yearning to God for! The ANSWER is The Gospel of Jesus Christ,that blesses everyone who believes in HIM with forgiveness of sins through HIS NAME!The heart cry of Cornelius had been to have a Right Relationship w The Lord...and the same for his family and loved ones....! This is The Answer to his prayer....what Cornelius had been continually praying for!This is what was above and beyond all other “needs&desires” n Cornelius’ life.”The centurion Cornelius’ life had taken him through many experiences and brushed his life up against many different people and groups and situations that must’ve left him with the questions about “what else is there...what is true & right....?”Cornelius had become aware that there must be more...he had begun a perseverant WITH persistence seeking of The Only Answer that would “satisfy”.He also knew that The God of Israel was The One...from his experiences and people he had been through and witnessed...he knew The God of Israel had to be The One with The Answer!So he prayed continually(perseverance WITH persistence)...and God Spoke with Cornelius personally!The FRUIT of seeking The Lord n “persistence WITH perseverance” is a life that finds The Answer(s) to life’s most significant questions->& has a life “BUILT” on a foundation that will provide the “basis” for eternal blessings!As Edward Mote’s hymn says-“My Hope is built on nothing less....On Christ the Solid Rock I stand

All other ground is sinking sand..”Becoming SOLID n our relationship w The Lord will require “perseverance WITH persistence”...the same thing that the Centurion Cornelius had.Dear Jesus,I fade from this in my life so much....many times my perseverance fades before it can begin to become persistent...and I don’t persevere to hear from You.Help me through the Stength of Your Word and Your Spirit to have the perseverance WITH persistence that Cornelius had....