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rock devos

Matthew 1-2

Rebecca Lightfoot

Whenever God uses a man or woman n any way,we should dig n2 their “character&heart traits” 2 discover what may separate them from others.The 1st question 2 ask is whether the person is used because of certain traits,or in spite of certain traits...or both?The book of Matthew begins w the lineage of Christ.God is totally transparent with the lineage of Christ,4 our edification.Each one of these men&women r named so we can “dig in” 2 learn about the kind of heart&character we should seek,& that which we should learn 2 turn away from.So,when God chooses Joseph 2 b the step father 4 HIS Son,it is imperative that we “dig n2” learn what “makes” this young man “different” from many others.The 1st characteristic of Joseph is that he “was a righteous man”(Matt1:19b).1 dictionary defines righteous this way-“concerned with principles of right and wrong or conforming to standards of behavior and character based on those principles; "moral sense"; "a moral scrutiny"; "a moral lesson"; "a moral quandary"; "moral convictions"; "a moral life"”.Joseph was “concerned” about right&wrong,& seeking TRUTH!Next,when the Lord appears 2 Joseph n a dream,he knows n his heart&mind this was the Lord!Matt1:22 states that “All this took place 2 fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet...which means,”God with us””!Joseph knew the “voice of the Lord” bcuz he had been seeking TRUTH n the Holy Scriptures-the Old Testament! So when the angel refers 2 OT prophecies, GOD uses HIS Word 2 confirm HIS instructions 4 Joseph!Joseph has no doubt this was from the Lord!We know Joseph had no doubt becuz when he woke up he didn’t go 2 seek counsel 2 confirm the dream,nor did he “put off doing” so he could “think about it” 4 a while!He was so convinced that he “did” what the angel of the Lord instructed the moment he woke up!This means that Joseph KNEW the voice of the Lord!He KNEW the Old Testament so well, that these verses quoted by the angel of the Lord,& other prophecies n the OT “rolling around” n Joseph’s heart&mind,were used by God 2 seal the TRUTH n Joseph’s life decisions.Next,Joseph is no different from any young man, w dreams & aspirations that all young men,ncluding getting married & looking 4ward 2 all the gifts of marriage.But,Joseph TRUSTS God w all these dreams&aspirations,& turns them over 2 the Lord.Joseph decided 2 b obedient 2 the Lords instructions 4 his life-“immediate following/obedience”!This characteristic of “immediate following/obedience” n Joseph’s life would prove critically important,eventually saving the life of the baby Jesus from the baby slaughter of Herod.Joseph was righteous!Joseph was concerned about TRUTH,& sought TRUTH n the Holy Scriptures he had at the time-the OT!Joseph KNEW the voice of the Lord bcuz of his SEEKING TRUTH!Joseph TRUSTED the Lord w his life,demonstrated “real time”by his unwavering commitment 2 follow&obey The Lord!O Lord,make my heart so concerned about righteousness that I seek to know TRUTH fervently n Your Word so I will know Your Voice as Joseph did!Develop n me the same TRUST that Joseph had;& grant me the same commitment 2 follow/obey You as Joseph had.