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rock devos

Matthew 26:39

Rebecca Lightfoot

Matthew26:39 says that Jesus “fell on his face and prayed”.God the Son;The Word made flesh;the One Who is the Power of Creation;The King of kings;The Messiah;...”fell on his face” when he prayed w THE FATHER.This is GINORMOUS!Jesus,WHO is totally/fully God become flesh,”and we have seen His Glory as the only Son from the Father,FULL of Grace&Truth”(John1:14)...THIS Jesus “fell on his face and prayed”!This “posture of Jesus” is Imperative for us to know more about if we r to understand what Jesus is showing/telling us n Gethsemane.Jesus IS God,the SON “part” of the Triune God.Satan atTEMPTED to separate Jesus from his TRIUNITY when he threw 3 great temptations at Jesus just before Jesus began His ministry/the walk to the fulfillment of His Purpose...& Jesus”called on” the Word of God to fight off the devil.N Gethsemane,Jesus is days away from the ULTIMATE DEFEAT of Satan;the defeat of sin;the EMPOWERMENT of Salvation,and his return to the RIGHT HAND of God the FATHER!N Gethsemane we see the POWER of the ENDURANCE of Christ!Jesus’ ENDURANCE of desiring what GOD the FATHER&GOD the SPIRIT desire...The ultimate DESIRE/the PURPOSE of Jesus can only b realized if he is “postured” w ULTIMATE TRUST n GOD the FATHER, exhibited by ULTIMATE SUBMISSION to GOD the FATHER&GOD the SPIRIT!Jesus fell on his face n prayer.The “life posture” of Jesus n Gethsemane is ONE of absolute TRUST in GOD the FATHER,”followed by” absolute SUBMISSION to the Will of GOD the FATHER&GOD the SPIRIT!The first devastating blow to Satan’s atTEMPT to lure Jesus away from HIS ONENESS w GOD was when Jesus called upon the Word of God.Now days before the ultimate defeat of sin on our behalf,Jesus is “fully/totally leaning into” the Word of GOD;the Spirit of GOD& GOD’s Promises for his strength&endurance via his absolute SUBMISSION to the WILL of his FATHER!This “posture”Jesus gives us n Gethsemane n prayer here makes me ask “how do I come to God to pray?”What is my attitude/demeanor when I come before The Throne of God to call upon HIM as my FATHER?What is the state of my heart when I desperately desire to b “in HIS LAP?”What am I “holding back”/not willing to submit when I come into HIS Presence n prayer?Am I truly/fully trusting HIM w my life when I pray?Do I have a heart fully committed to desiring to know&follow HIS ways for my life?Or am I coming before HIM “to negotiate” what I want?Everything except a “posture” like that of Jesus will keep us from truly/fully knowing THE FATHER as Jesus makes possible for us to know HIM personally as our FATHER;& keep us from knowing HIS VOICE n our lives&HIS Peace n our lives....the same PEACE that Jesus has after he has prayed 3 times and comes back to his disciples and says,”...Look,the hour is near....Rise,Let us go...”(Matthew26:45-46).After Jesus “fell on his face n prayer...”Jesus now has the Strength;the Courage; & the Peace that surpasses all understanding...the Peace that can be ours when we call upon/depend on God’s Word&Spirit as Jesus did,&then “lean into God’s Word&God’s Spirit as Jesus did with the level of commitment/submission that Jesus shows us n Gethsemane.Dearest Jesus,I fall far short of “the posture of Gethsemane”...yet by Your Mercy&Grace I know Your love and the presence of Your Spirit n my life! I praise You for these...!May Your continued teaching & leading n my life bring me always closer to having “the posture of Gethsemane” n my life...