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rock devos

Matthew 21:12-22

Rebecca Lightfoot

Sometimes,when we wonder “why is God silent”;”where is God n the middle of this”;”why won’t GOD show me what to do”;or we r misled by counterfeit messages...,we may have a problem that Jesus addresses n Matthew21:12-22.Just as an athlete must nourish & train for “health/strength/endurance/preparedness” in mind/heart/skills/strength/,etc.,if they r going 2 b prepared 2 understand what a coach is teaching/instructing,& then b able 2 follow through effectively!LIFE is no different! If we r 2 understand/hear accurately what The Lord is saying,we must have minds&heats that have prepared 2 understand/hear!& if we sincerely desire 2 follow through(TRUST=FOLLOW)w what we hear from The Lord,then our hearts&lives must b changed/prepared by what we understand/hear from The Lord.N Matt21:12-13 Jesus drives the money-changers out of the temple.Then Jesus says,”It is written...”!For us to understand(see accurately)what The Lord is doing,we must b “readers/students” of The Bible...see life through a lens made accurate by God’s Word.Jesus reiterates this n Matt21:16 when he responds 2 a question,”Yes,have you not read...”,referring 2 Psalm8:2.If we r 2 know/understand/see/hear anything from The Lord,we should b “readers/students” of The Bible...if we r sincere about knowing His Voice,we will b sincere students of His Voice.N Matt21:18-22 Jesus talks about the next aspect of “preparedness”,when He finds the fig tree without fruit.For some reason this tree has not “benefitted” from the nourishment of the “soil”;it has not allowed any “nutrition” 2 flow through its roots & up its branches that would blossom fruit!We can do the same when we don’t allow what we “glean” from God’s Voice/Word/Spirit 2 flow through our life/heart/mind n ways that change us/grow us/mature us,& eventually enable us 2 b “bearers of fruit”. N order 2 know God’s Will/Leading about something,we must have lives that have had His Life/His Word/His Grace-His Mercy... grow us/shape us/prepare we desire 2 honor & 2 please Him.What the tree was not prepared 2 do!Dear Lord,sometimes I am just a reader & not a student of Your me&motivate me 2 b a hungry student.& then may everything n me benefit from Your Life flowing thru all of me...changing me & preparing me....& mayYour Fruit blossom from my life.