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rock devos

Matthew 18:23-35

Rebecca Lightfoot

“ENTITLEMENT” is a lie.A very deceptive lie that not only messes with our ideas about who we are,and WHO God is;but also taints our hearts w an evil “bacteria” that will infect & destroy a right relationship w The Lord,& those around us.And “it” has at least two ways of entering our lives!Jesus describes one of these through his parable n Matthew18:23-35.A person carrying a heavy debt is forgiven the entire debt,”miraculously”!Nnstead of this humbling him & softening his heart for change within,he doesn’t let what he has been offered(freedom from his debt)sink in/humble him! Therefore,no change/real cure occurs n his life.Nstead,he takes what he has been offered and goes about his old life with a new “sense of entitlement” because of the freedom from his debt.This is a twisted sense of entitlement that we all tend to have.The depth&breadth of what Jesus offers to me personally,the freedom from “ALL SIN DEBT”,is beyond measure!Yet,often times I fall far short of offering the same measure of forgiveness n the lives of many people around me.For 1 reason or another...this means that I have the attitude that “I deserved” the freedom Jesus offered me...,but “they do not deserve” the same.This is twisted sense of entitlement,infecting my life w a bacteria that can do damage to my heart if not addressed w the only “prescription” that is effective.In my life this “prescription” must begin w a dose of confession,and a prayer 4 The Holy Spirit 2 bring about the medicine of contrition,followed w an ongoing “regiment” of “heart therapy” of seeking&following Christ so the “cure” is permanent....I do not want to relapse!Lord,I am so so guilty of this  “sense of entitlement” n my life.Forgive me...,and help me 2 be contrite before You,& those around me,so Your GIFT will have the overwhelming impact&effect n my life that IT must...& may the GREATNESS of Your GIFT draw me 2 know YOU MORE,through Your Word & through Prayer w YOU!