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rock devos

John 15:8-25

Rebecca Lightfoot

N John15:18-25,after teaching His disciples about how abiding n His Love would change their hearts/their minds/their lives,Jesus then warns them of how these changes in their lives and the ways they would then live,& love each other would b so foreign to the World(so contrary to the World)that His disciples would actually b hated by the World.That the way they lived&loved while abiding in Jesus’ Love would be such a reflection of the Mercy;Grace;& Holiness/Glory of God,that the World would become convicted & then angry when they see the disciples way living/loving compared to the Worlds ways of living&loving.It is not that the disciples would b condescending to,nor “preaching at” those around them with legalistic/Pharisee-like accusations and/or “religious talk”,BUT that the way the disciples lived and loved(because of their abiding n the Love of Christ)would b such a clear reflection of God’s Glory/Grace/Mercy/Righteousness/Holiness...that their lives would humbly/contritely be such a bright reflection of these characteristics of God that the Darkness&Sin of the World would b painfully exposed.When this PAIN of the World is exposed,the World will tend to react like a wounded family pet that would even bite or attack it’s loving master/owner when painfully wounded.Their is not much as unpredictable as a wounded animal/pet!The same with the World when exposure to the Mercy;Grace;Righteousness;Holiness;Glory of God reveals the darkness&pain of sin.This abiding way of living n the first century body of believers is what shook the world with a movement that saw much of the World open their hearts for the Saving Grace&Mercy of Christ to heal many of their lives from the Darkness&Pain of sin.This was such an impact to the World that our calendar was forever changed...changed by the Life of Christ&Love of Christ abiding n the followers of Christ/the disciples of Christ!Dear Lord,when I survey the small bit of the World around me,that Your Mercy;Grace;& Holiness/Glory could be having an impact on if I would just abide in The Love You have given me through the Your Mercy&Grace;through Your Word;through Your Spirit...I realize that my life falls so very short of truly abiding n Your Love for me.Lord Jesus,may Your Spirit make me draw my life to be abiding n Your Love for me more and more every day.