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rock devos

John 13:8-10

Rebecca Lightfoot

As we walk w Christ during our every day,moment by moment doing life ,we r not going to do everything perfectly nor say everything perfectly!And sometimes we will royally mess up!We may know the times that we r not perfect,& b ashamed of the times we royally mess up. Our enemy the devil will turn these times into a level of arrogance &/or guilt that grow to make us have doubts about our personal salvation,& can lead us to even question the “REALNESS” of WHO Christ is,& WHAT He says He does for us when we trust Him as Savior&Lord.During The Last Supper w His Disciples,just before going to The Garden of Gethsemane,Jesus addresses these issues when He wraps a towel around His waist and gets down on His knees to wash the feet of His disciples!When Jesus is on His knees n front of Peter with a basin of water,Peter doesn’t understand what Jesus is doing-Peter can not fathom The King of Kings/The Son of God/The Messiah on HIS KNEES touching his dirty feet...let alone washing the dirty-smelly things!Peter knows where his feet have been,& what nasty things he has probably walked through...& he might even b embarrassed about how he picked up some of the dirt on his feet.So,w a bit of arrogance&pride,mixed with misunderstanding the full extent of Jesus love(John1b,”Having loved his own...he showed them the full extent of his love”),Peter says,” shall never wash my feet”(John13:8).There were multiple reasons that Peter didn’t want Jesus touching his feet,at least one being pride& not wanting Jesus to know/see the dirt of his feet,let alone wash this dirt from his feet.Jesus responds,”Unless I wash you,you have no part with me”.Peter still doesn’t understand what Jesus is about to do,& Peter says,”Then Lord...not just my feet but my hands and my head as well”!Peter had a guilt that made him feel that his whole body had been contaminated/tarnished by where his feet had been/the dirt on his feet!Jesus responds,”A person who has had a bath needs only to wash his feet;his whole body is clean.And you are clean”(John13:10a).Jesus knows what is n Peter’s heart&mind about the dirt on his feet/his guilt,& Jesus addresses this head on by telling Peter that he has been made clean by his trust&faith n Christ!Jesus is telling Peter that he has no need for a “REDO” of what has already been DONE when he turned his life over to seek&follow Christ!When Jesus knelt b4 Peter to wash his feet,Peter realized that Jesus was about to see the dirt on his feet from his daily life...he felt bad/guilty...& his pride almost kept him from having his feet TOUCHED & WASHED by The King of Kings/The Son of God/The Messiah!By THE ONLY ONE that would REALLY KNOW everything about what was being washed away!Before Jesus knelt n front of each of the disciples he knew what every speck of dirt was from and whatever stories were to be told by every speck of dirt from where each of the disciples had walked.Jesus is saying to us,unless we r transparent w Jesus about the dirt on our feet,& let Him wash this from our life...we have no part of Him n our heart!As we walk every step through our daily lives,there are many steps we will take that make our feet dirty...take us where our best conscience might have not have wanted us to go/or say what we would rather not come out of our mouths/do what we have rather not done,etc.Even though we have had a bath when we trust n Christ,the devil will twist this dirt of our every day life n2 guilt and/or arrogance!Both almost kept Peter from the BLESSING of having Jesus PERSONALLY washing the “dirt of his daily walk” from his feet...from his conscience &thereby from his life(Romans8:1-2,”Therefore,there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus,bcuz through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit of life has set me free from the law of sin & death.”).Unless we talk w Jesus about our daily lives,including the mis-steps & mistakes we make,we run the risk of letting the daily dirt build up & b turned n2 guilt & condemnation by the devil...,which may lead us n2 a season of walking away from the Lord,instead of waking WITH the Lord.And!Jesus says that this may also b a sign that n reality w have “no part of Jesus”(John13:8b)!This also means that admitting our need to walk&talk w Jesus about these things is a sign that we do indeed have Jesus’ Spirit living n us!Dear Jesus,I have let pride&arrogance n my life keep me from having these regular walks&talks with You that You r telling me through these verses r so very important to my life!Help me to want You to help me learn from my mistakes and the words I misspeak,by letting You wash the dirt from my daily walk!Please remind me of “the extent of Your Love” that only wants these walks&talks w me for my own good,& not for the purpose of making me feel guilt nor condemnation of any kind.