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rock devos

John 12:35-43

Rebecca Lightfoot

While Jesus walked the earth he knew all the challenges that we will have in personally placing our full trust n Christ ONLY for our lives & following Him faithfully!John12:35-43 tells about one of the times that Jesus speaks to this.The people following Jesus around have either personally seen or heard firsthand about some of the amazing miracles Jesus has recently performed,including calling Lazarus out of his tomb!These experiences and what they have heard about Jesus has drawn a lot of people to Jesus!But,many of these people are going to have the same challenges we have when it comes to deciding whether or not to fully trusting their lives to Jesus and what He teaches-walking w Jesus!Even though they have “personal experiences” where they have seen and heard of things that only an Awesome God can do&say,there are many that will b drawn away by “other things”.Even though they have heard Jesus’ teachings of the Amazing Grace & Mercies of God,there will b “other things” that draw them away from these Truths!John12:42-43 tells us about the “other things”(“Nevertheless,many even of the authorities believed n him,but for fear of the Pharisees they did not confess it,so they would not b put out of the synagogue:for they loved the glory that comes from man more than the glory that comes from God.”).The threat to these people fully trusting&following Christ was what other people thought,and how their “status” in social circles might b negativity impacted if they actually “walked with Christ”!In other words,it was “other things”& what other people thought that drew these people away from their “personal experiences” about Jesus,& away from seeking&following Christ.Drawn away by what others might succumbing to the paradigms & thinking of the world!Jesus personally warns us of this when n John12:35-36 he says,”The light is among you for a little while longer.Walk while you have the light,lest darkness overtake you.The one who walks n darkness does not know where he is going.While you have the light,believe in(put your trust in)the light,that you may become sons of the light”.We all have had,& will probably have more “personal experiences” that r Jesus showing Himself to us personally,or personally making us aware of His Mercy&Grace....”personal experiences” of knowing His Spirit’s whispering guidance & direction for the best interests of our lives...”personal experiences” of hearing or reading God’s Word and learning a bit about His Love&Guidance for our lives..,etc.When we have these “personal experiences” we will always have the choice of “walking while we have the light”,or being drawn away by “other things”!When we decide to “walk while we have the light”,we will “become sons of the light”....true followers of Christ!And the darkness will not overtake us(John12:46,”I have come into the world as light,so that whoever believes n me(seek&follow Christ)May not remain n the darkness.”).Dear Lord,I think back and remember so many times that I had “personal experiences” with You&about You,& I allowed myself to be drawn away from Your Light by “other things”.Thank You for continuing to give me “personal experiences” with You/about You,even though I tend to be drawn away by “other things”.I pray for You to remind me of what You warn me about n these verses n John,& help me to walk away from “other things” while walking with You!