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rock devos

John 4:1-42

Rebecca Lightfoot

N John4:1-42,Jesus talks w a Samaritan woman.She is surprised that Jesus,a Jew,would talk w her.Because of their differences,Jews usually would not talk w Samaritans bcuz of their differences.Yet,Jesus not only starts a conversation w this lady,Jesus looks beyond “WHAT” this lady is & where she is from...,and sees n2 WHO she is and what her deeper needs are.Their discussion begins about temporal things(“Will you give me a drink of water?”,John4;7),& segues into much more!Jesus desires to look past the temporal in our lives,and to the more significant issues of life!He is totally capable&willing to linger n temporal conversations as He probably did when he ate w a bunch of tax collectors at Matthew’s house,but He is also tuning Himself n2 deeper heart issues as He spends time w people.With this woman at the well,Jesus had obviously done just that(tuned n2 deeper issues of her life/concerns/hurts,etc.).And He ends up having a conversation w her that “introduces” her to The Savior Jesus Christ!N our lives we are constantly coming n2 contact w people,& 4 one reason or another we do not consider the possibility that our “passing by” w them may have a more significant purpose than just passing by,or talking about temporal things w/out wondering if there might b “more” to our chance “passing by” or “moment of engagement”.Jesus always has the heart of every person on His Heart&Thoughts” when He “passes by”...ALWAYS!Most of the times this will lead to “having a heart” for those we “pass by”!But sometimes it will also lead to our personal “conversations at the well” with people!Just as Jesus’ “conversation at the well” with this woman led to this lady,AND a bunch of people that this lady knew coming to know Christ as Savior,so may our “chance encounters” become opportunities for our lives to reflect and tell of GOD’s great Mercy&Grace through Christ...what Jesus has done n our lives!Only if we are constantly looking to see past the temporal...and n2 the heart of those we “pass by”.Dear Lord,I fail so many times to even wonder if a “chance encounter”,or a “conversation at the well” may b more than just that!Help me to b prayerfully wondering about this...always!And may I,with Your help,not miss any more “conversions at the well”,bcuz of my never looking past the “conversations at the well”,for deeper things.