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rock devos

Luke 24:13-24

Rebecca Lightfoot

We all have a God Created/God Given Heart/Spirit that makes us unique to all livings things.Because God desires to b our Father,& not our dictator,HE also gives us Free Will!God created absolutely EVERYTHING to reveal HIS Glory,INCLUDING HIS WORD!HE gives us the freedom to realize on our own that we NEED to have HIS Glory in our life,or we can make our own decision to deny HIS Glory.God’s revelation of HIS Glory is for our GOOD!We r Eternal Beings,that will either b clothed n HIS Glory by receiving the offer of HIS Glory through Christ(John1:14 “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,and we have seen HIS Glory,Glory as the only Son from the Father,fully of grace and truth.”),or decide on our own to reject God’s offer.The 1st “option” blesses us w a life n Heaven forever!The 2nd option leaves us to our own arrogant&selfish choices that lead us to denying God’s GIFT of forever being n Heaven. Deciding to SINCERELY accept HIS offer will change our lives,just as our lives are changed a bit when we “clean up” for a special event.The difference is that if we decide n earnest to accept God’s offer,HIS Glory will change us from the inside out,if we truly appreciate The Gift of HIS Glory with our life!After Jesus raises from the dead and walks out of the tomb,there r 2 men that have personal experiences w God’s Glory through Christ,& make their personal decisions to recognize/trust that Jesus is The Glory of God offering HIS Glory to them!N Luke24:13-34,these 2 men r on their way 2 Emmaus,looking downcast/depressed/sad/forlorn,etc.Jesus asked them why they were feeling this way!These 2 men were feeling this way bcuz of the same yearning we all have n the depths of our heart/spirit!They yearned for THE PEACE(harmony in personal relations w GOD;a state of concord or tranquility w GOD)that is only possible when we r n a close personal relationship w GOD our FATHER n HEAVEN!They thought that Jesus of Nazareth was “the way”.But now that HE was dead,they had lost hope-they were downcast/sad.Jesus is WITH them at this very moment of despair!He reminds them(Luke24:27) of all the prophecies the Old Testament(between 300-400!1 person fulfilling 8 prophecies:1 in 100,000,000,000,000,000.1 person fulfilling 48 prophecies: 1 chance in 10 to the 157th power 1 person fulfilling 300+ prophecies: Only Jesus!)told about The Life&Sufferings&Death&Resurrection of The Christ/The Son of God!Something about this conversation made them urge Jesus strongly(Luke24:29)2 stay w them for dinner!Something about their asking Jesus to b with them personally for a meal...opened their eyes to WHO JESUS WAS! When they do this,they acknowledge that their hearts/spirits “burned within them”(Luke24:32a)while The Scriptures were open up to them(Luke24:32b).These men were exposed to The Glory of God through HIS Word!(John1:14).And they made the personal decision to reckon their lives w THIS TRUTH,and they rose...and did something about it!They shared the Truth of Christ & His Word w others.They didn’t prop up soapboxes and start preaching on street corners!They ran to share w those that had hearts/spirits prepared by The Lord Himself to hear The Truth!And these became those that would prepare The John the Baptist had been called go n2 the wilderness to prepare The Way of The Lord n the lives of people!We r called to go n2 the world to prepare THE WAY OF THE LORD,to make HIS Grace&Mercy know to people around us!We r not called to MAKE the world know these things! We r called to live lives that will “prepare” those around us to learn of HIS Grace&Mercy as Jesus only knows when&how to do!We all will experience the same “burning in our hearts/spirits” that the 2 men on the road 2 Emmaus had during our lives!(God creates EVERYTHING to reveal His Glory to us!).We will have the same decision 2 make that these 2 men had!Will we accept/ receive God’s Glory as these men did when their hearts/spirits burned inside them?Or will we decide not to?Then,will we run with The Message of Christ,as these men did?Or not?Dear Lord,I confess that my heart/spirit has burned inside me so many times that I did not listen to what Your Spirit&Word were saying/instructing!Help me to be more like these 2 men were!Help me to also run with Your Message n my life/heart/mind as these 2 guys did also!