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rock devos

Luke 17:6-10

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Luke17:6-10,when the apostles asked Jesus to teach them how to increase their faith,he gives a 2 part answer.The first part of the answer,Jesus tells us about the power & authority of the FATIH He desires us to have.The second part of his answer tells us where THE Power & Authority of this FAITH come from.Without my synching up with the second part of Jesus’ answer,I will not have the power&authority/FAITH n my life that Jesus n essence says I should have.N the 2nd part of Jesus’ answer he reminds us of Who He is,and that whatever “authentically good” we may “accomplish/achieve” is because of our doing what we r suppose to do/our duty!(vs10b,”We r unworthy servants,we have only done what was our duty”).This means that we trust our Master/Lord enough that we listen to what He has to say/instruct,& then we honor Him/trust Him by following His Words&Instructions as we go about our day.Doing this means that we will be going out into our days under/with the Power&Authority that our Lord grants us as we follow His Word&Instruction n our life.We will know what our Lord is saying/instructing,and when we go about our day we will then know what&how we should pray;what we should do;and that we have His Power&His Authority empowering&enabling what we r called to do during our days!These r the characteristics of The FAITH that Jesus is teaching us!The humility that is also described n these verses is imperative!This humility comes with the “reward” of seeing miraculous things happen n our lives & through our lives(vs5-6,”If you had faith like a grain of mustard seed,u would say to this mulberry tree,’Be uprooted & planted n the sea,’& it would obey you.”).When we realize the significance of having a Holy&Righteous Lord;a Lord that loves us w the greatest of all loves;a Lord that desires for us to see/realize miraculous things n and through our lives...then our Trust/Faith n Him(His Word/His Instruction)will “increase” as the apostles are asking for n Luke17:5(“The apostles said to the Lord,’increase our faith’”).Dear Lord Jesus,may my desire b the same as the apostles n verse15,& may I have a heart/life that have the characteristics of The FAITH that can only b founded n trusting/following YOU/YOUR WORD/YOUR SPIRIT/YOUR MERCY/YOUR GRACE.