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rock devos

Mark 8:38

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Mark8:38 Jesus says,”if anyone is ashamed of me & my words n this adulterous & sinful generation,the Son of Man will b ashamed of him when he comes n his Father’s glory with holy angels.”When Jesus addresses my attitude/posture about his words n this verse,he is calling me to a faith that can only b supernatural.Because a lot of what is recorded n the Bible IS SUPERNATURAL/MIRACULOUS!Jesus’ birth;resurrection;& ascension...r SUPERNATURAL/MIRACULOUS!Let alone how he lived;what he said;what he did,etc.This also calls me to seek real answers/real wisdom/real discernment for those areas that I have questions about Jesus &/or The Word of God!& to NOT begin picking & choosing what I find “easy to swallow” of what the Bible records as TRUTH!Jesus is calling me to grow n knowing HIM & HIS WORD,& to seek TRUTH as I seek the answers to the questions I have.Most importantly though,Jesus is stating that the foundational hypothesis(a supposition or proposed explanation made on the basis of limited evidence as a starting point for further investigation&understanding)for all knowledge & understanding is to be his revealed n The Bible.To do anything less will actually lead me to anemic ideas about God & what HE has done to express HIS love for me.What Jesus is calling me to n Mark8:38 is to a personal knowledge/appreciation of God that is the only thing that can cause me to b n awe of HIM as Moses was when he collapsed to the ground because of being n the presence of The AWESOMENESS/MIRACULOUSNESS/SUPERNATURALNESS...of God!To believe anything less than what the Bible says about God & what HE has done will hack away at the AWESOMENESS/MIRACULOUSNESS/SUPERNATURALNESS...of God n my life,&will lead me to a comparatively anemic appreciation for what Jesus has done for me through His Birth;Life;Sufferings;Death;Resurrection;Ascension;as well as HIS Promises for what HE is to do n the future!Romans2:20 says this-“For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities - His eternal power & His divine nature -have been clearly seen,being understood from what has been made,so that men are without excuses.”Satan has full knowledge of this!& that is why satan has come up w endless ways to get men&women to accept less than what God says as truth...less than what the Bible records & prophecy’s as TRUTH.If we fall prey to Satan’s schemes to “take away” bits&pieces of what God records as TRUTH..,even if we call ourselves Christian,our paradigm of faith will be far from what Jesus desires...far from what he was miraculously born to do for me...far from what he lived for;suffered for;died for!And I will miss the awesomeness of the depth&breadth of what his resurrection&ascension promise for me!Dear Lord,lead me to Your Answers to the questions I have about You and Your Word.Let my heart & mind b tuned n2 Your Spirit for Your Wisdom& Discernment as I become increasingly in AWE of You,&what You have done!Grow me n my appreciation & love for WHO YOU ARE,& YOUR LOVE for me!