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rock devos

Mark 4:8-9

Rebecca Lightfoot

Jesus says something in Mark4:8-9 that I need 2 make a regular question in my life!He has told the Parable if the Sower and the Soils!The last soil is the GOOD soil,the soil that is obviously the one that I need to be.Jesus says,”And the other seed fell into good soil & produced grain,growing up & increasing & yielding thirty fold & sixtyfold & a hundredfold. & he said,he who has ears,let him hear.”LET HIM HEAR!It is important to Jesus for me 2 understand the significance of what he is saying in this parable!Because,among other things,it is Jesus’ giving me a way to tell if I am “spiritually healthy”,or if I am “declining”.Jesus wants me to know the condition of my heart/life with him,so I can make corrections in my life before I “get to far gone”.N Mark4:8-9 Jesus is giving me signs to look for n my life that indicate a healthy relationship w him!If When the soil of my life is healthy & vibrant,there will be good things growing out of my life...things that r “nutritious”/edifying in the ways that the Lord describes as good!If there r other things growing out of my life or my life is “drying up”,I am becoming one of the other soils that Jesus is warning me about!N these 2 verses though,Jesus is giving me a way to get an accurate read on the condition of my heart/life as it relates to this parable,so I can make the adjustments needed b4 I get “too far into the weeds”,or shrivel up!I need to regularly ask myself questions about what growth there is n my heart/life & out from my heart/life?!What is growing n my heart/mind/spirit(the soil of my life) as a result of where&how I invest my time/heart/mind?What is growing out from my life?What kind of fruit is growing from my life?Is there any fruit growing out from my life?(Matthew7:17-20,”Likewise, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit.A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, and a bad tree cannot bear good fruit.Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire.Thus, by their fruit you will recognize them.”).If I am sincere about my life being spiritually healthy,then I will regularly check what is “growing out of my life”!The same way we need to have regular physical check ups so we r not surprised by declines of 1 kind or another,we need to do the same for our spiritual life!I need to b more aware of the condition of my heart/mind/spirit/life for Christ!What r the thoughts growing n my mind?What r the things growing attached to my heart?What do I see around me & n peoples lives around me as a result of my life n theirs?Where do I see trends n my life that may not be growing the right things n my life&heart?And many other questions that God’s Word or the Holy Spirit May b giving me!These r all for my good! Whether I admit it or not,I am always asking myself questions about my life...about how I am doing relative to something!I just need to make the questions “relative” to those things that r “relative” to a good soil n my heart/life!Dear Lord,even though I am asking myself personal questions a lot...,please bring the questions to my mind/heart/spirit that I need to b asking...& give me the wisdom & discernment & discipline & strength,enabling the right corrections n my that I have Your fruit growing  n and from my life.