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rock devos

Acts 28

Rebecca Lightfoot

N the Book of Acts,the 1st century disciples of Christ have a faith so intimate,that their lives take the Gospel of Christ to the world around them.The World is shook by the lives of Faith that the new believers live n their families & the point that our calendar was forever changed to “recognize” the reality of the Life of Christ;His Death;His Resurrection;& His Ascension!And,the most powerful empire of the time was changed by the faithfulness of the 1st century disciples of Christ.Yet,there are those that STILL chose not to believe,&this “choice” hardens their hearts to the point that they fail to see the overwhelming evidences of God and His Offer of Mercy & Grace through Christ alone!At the end of Acts,Paul reminds these people of God’s Sovereign knowledge of their harden hearts,& that fact the HE is still persistent&persevering to all so that no one can claim they did not hear;see;nor perceive that God is God,& that Jesus is The Saving Messiah & the Mercy&Grace through Christ that God’s Love extends to everyone.Paul quotes from Isaiah when he says,”So when they did not agree among themselves, they departed after Paul had said one word: “The Holy Spirit spoke rightly through Isaiah the prophet to our fathers, saying,

‘Go to this people and say:

“Hearing you will hear, and shall not understand;And seeing you will see, and not perceive;For the hearts of this people have grown dull.Their ears are hard of hearing,And their eyes they have closed,Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,So that I should heal them.”’(Acts28:25-27).Dear Lord,soften my heart so I may truly understand the hearing & seeing evidences of Your Desire to heal every aspect of my life,through Christ & Your Word...and then have my heart/mind/life so changed by these...that I intimately know Your Presence n and around my the first century disciples did.

Acts 19:20

Rebecca Lightfoot

Acts19:20 says,”So the word of the Lord grew mightily and prevailed.”This begs the question...what is the reason that “”SO” the word of the Lord grew mightily & prevailed”?!N the verses before,the people had allowed their minds&”ideas” to become so clouded w things far from TRUTH that their hearts/minds/spirits were SO confused&misled that the people had little to no sense of TRUTH.This led them to have lives that had little to no idea of the eternal repercussions of their being SO confused&misled away from TRUTH.Today,we have the same challenges to our hearts/minds/spirits as the people in Acts.The difference being that we have many more “things”& “devices” clamoring for our attention to be drawn away from TRUTH.The more I am drawn by these things,the potential for me to b drawn away from God’s Truths becomes greater.The enemy is clever in his leveraging of these things,n that he will b ever so gradual n the way he uses these things to sneak up on TRUTH,& draw me away from TRUTH.When this begins to happen,the power of God’s Word & His Spirit n our life begins to wane...& a true relationship w The Lord becomes something that is far from the desires of God’s Heart for us.And our lives fail to b ETERNALLY Effective n ways that r TRUE/TRUSTWORTHY/PURE as defined by the only SOURCE TRUSTWORTHY for these-God’s Word&His Spirit!And the Word of the Lord does NOT grow mightily in and around my life as it did n Acts19:20.Dear Jesus,forgive me for letting my time/mind/heart b gobbled up by things and devises that suck Your Word and Your Spirit/Life out of me.Restore n me the things and devices that You have placed n my life to Eternally revive and restore me for what You so desire to teach me;show me;talk w me about;change n me;and shape me to know and be.May Your Word grow mightily in and around me.

Acts 19

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Acts,it is mentioned a lot that the disciples were going to The Scriptures to reason through questions and challenges of all kinds.In doing this,the people realized that some of the other books they were reading were detrimental enough that they burned them-Acts19:19-20 says,”A number who had practiced magic brought their books together and burned them in the sight of all.And they counted up the value of them,and it totaled fifty thousand pieces of silver.”Magic is defined as,”the art of producing a desired effect or result through the use of incantation or various other techniques that presumably assure human control of supernatural agencies or the forces of nature.” Sounds a lot like many of the “self help” books of today,as well as many of the “Christian books” and Christian teachers that teach ways to get what “I WANT” through thinking right;doing right;giving right;the right Bible reading;praying right;etc. A right relationship w The Lord is all about realizing He IS GOD,& that He created me and sustains my life for the perfect plans that only He has & only He can b trusted w for my life....truly trusting Him enough to know that I need to have my “ideas & plans” shaped by HIM. A young friend of mine recently told me,”Prayer is not about gaining control, but it’s about surrendering control.”We surrender because of the realization that HE is GOD and I am not....that I may lead my life far into the weeds without HIS counsel and guidance.To put any effort into trying to “control” Him in any way is me practicing “magic”.Dear Lord,I begin to think of how much of my thinking and conversations with You have been a sort of “magic” on my part,& how many times I have been wrongly influenced by misleading Christian teachers and Christian books...and self help books that tell me the things that “I” can do or become-things that are far from Your ideas&plans for my life.Forgive me!And may Your Holy Spirit give me Your Discernment&Wisdom about these things...and draw me to know & desire Your Heart for my Trust You alone with my life...and not me!Give me a hunger that these disciples had to “go to the Scriptures” for all reasoning through my life....and may my prayers be about seeking what You want...

Acts 17

Rebecca Lightfoot

N Acts17,Paul&Silas have just experienced miraculous events in their lives,including an earthquake that precisely rattled their jail doors open,and then the chains holding them fell to the ground...& they see men’s lives rattled by the miraculous TRUTHS of Christ.Paul&Silas have had yet another set of experiences in their lives confirming God is WHO HE says HE IS,&that HIS Word is to be trusted as TRUTH.These events caused such a ruckus in Philippi that the city officials ask them to leave the city.Paul&Silas go to Thessalonica & go to the synagogue,which is where people during that time would go with their questions about LIFE!With the recent events of their lives surely encouraging them both as they enter the conversations going in n the synagogue,Paul begins to “reason with them from the Scriptures....”(Acts17:2-3).If we are sincerely “REASONING” through these types of conversations,then we must establish the foundation on which to build REASON...we must seek to know THE TRUTH, and pursue it earnestly...and then protect/Distinguish truth from appearances of truth/false truth!Paul does this by going to Scripture;to God’s Word to establish the “CRITERIA”for TRUE&TRUSTWORTHY “REASON”.Paul is saying that to use any other “CRITERIA” would be establishing an UNsound foundation on which to build “REASON” that it true&trustworthy!Whether I am aware of it or not,any time I try to reason through a challenge or question,I will in some first establish the “CRITERIA” for my thinking/reasoning process.This is why it is imperative that I have a “fresh flowing” of God’s Word in my life constantly.And,that I always go to God’s Word as THE SOURCE of THE trusted basis of all reasoning!It doesn’t matter what the questions or the challenges are.I need to remember what The Lord encourages Joshua with in Joshua1:8,”This book of the law shall not depart from your mouth,but you shall meditate on it day and night,so that you may be careful to do according to everything written in it.For then you will make your way prosperous,and then you will have good success.”Dear Lord,this makes me begin to remember how many times I have NOT done this...not sought to reason through questions&challenges without first seeking to know what Your Word says to me,and what Your Spirit will lead me with.Forgive me!And lead me with Your Spirit being my conscious reminder of the significance of Your Word for my life.

Acts 16

Rebecca Lightfoot

When Paul&Timothy go to Philippi n Acts16,they go to a place of prayer on the Sabbath.For some reason it is primarily(maybe only)the women of the city that r at the place of prayer.It might b that men were there also,but for whatever reason it ends up that only the women gather around Paul&Timothy to hear what they have to say about Jesus!This must’ve changed the lives of some of the women by their believing in Jesus and the Gospel that Paul&Timothy we’re telling them about.One lady n particular is mentioned that was being “used” for what she could provide for her male “owners”.Her “value” has been n what she can do for/provide for the men,and not who she is as a person.When this happens n anyone’s life,their hearts&minds r vulnerable to the wiles of the enemy’s of God/the eternal enemies of all oppression of the heart/mind/spirit.N Acts16:18 Paul realizes the battle for this women’s life,& he commands the evil spirit to leave this woman alone.It appears that many women’s lives may have been impacted the same as this woman’s...and hearing the Gospel of Christ freed them from spiritual bondage as well.Because,in vs 19-24,the men of Philippi r easily mustered against Paul&Timothy because of how the lives of the women have been changed by the Word of God(vs21,”customs that r not lawful for us...”).The way we treat people,talk to people,etc.,n some way communicates how we value them/what we see as value n them...and this can have a devastating effect on their lives.And it has a devastating effect on our own life also.When the women n Philippi heard the Gospel of Christ,& the Word of God preached...they began to realize that Christ valued them SO MUCH,that He suffered and died for them so they could have lives of eternal Meaning & Significance...that their lives were worth much more than they could ever imagine....their “value” was changed from what they could DO,to what Jesus DID for them!Because of the women of Philippi being changed by what Jesus DID for them...the city becomes one of the central Christian Churches of the New Testament.Dear Lord,forgive me for so many times doing the same thing in the lives around me that the men n Philippi did to these women....and open my eyes to the ways that I have allowed how I value others and myself to open the door of my heart/mind/life up to the dark side of spiritual things.Bring me to the awesome awareness that the only VALUE worthy of knowing n my life is how YOU “value”me/LOVE me by what YOU DID for me on the Cross!