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Rebecca Lightfoot

I've had a love/hate relationship with social media ever since my freshman year at college when Facebook was becoming a "must". With the demanding schedule of an athlete and a four state separation from home, how do you think a gallery of all the fun I was missing made me feel? These highlight reels are a feeding zone for our comparative tendencies and I am not immune. Because of this and more, I have avoided incorporating such personal aspects in our business. 

With that said, I've realized my own hypocrisy. My father, Gale, is known for occasionally showing up with baked goods at our clients' offices. My mom, female Gail, has had a client's daughter spend the day in her house so she could teach her how to cook for special dietary needs. Our business is especially personal.

This community of letterpress is astounding in its attitude. There's an encouragement and a ready applause for each other's innovativeness and success. At the heart of this historical art form, there is a sweet camaraderie because we "get it". We "get" the fascination of a machine over sixty years old. We "get" the pleasure of making a product with your own ink stained hands. And we "get" the learning process that comes with an updated manual written around the time man first took flight. 

As a business and as a family, we delight in both the learning and the teaching. This thing is experimental at times and with our community, we want to invite you to join us. 

So with that said, let's get personal.